Who's Nuts About Our Cheese...

I swear that Stokes Cheddar is phenomenal, and as an Englishwoman, I was a cheddar aficionado from birth almost.

The Best cheddar I’ve had in decades!
— Ingrid Newkirk - President, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

About two years ago, I picked up a box of Vegan Stokes Sharp Cheddar, and was blown away by how delicious it was. It’s been over 15 years since I’ve eaten dairy cheese, but from what I remember, it tasted pretty close to the real thing! There are so many vegan cheese brands popping up these days, and I love to try them all. To this day, Stokes is hands down the best one I’ve ever tasted, and the Sharp Cheddar is a staple in my fridge. I’ve made cheese boards with their products for crowds of non-vegans, and they‘re always devoured. Tina & Neil are also two of the kindest people I’ve ever met, whose passion can be tasted in each bite of their amazing cheeses!
— Ilana Kadonoff - Founder & President, Sweets From The Earth

As people that are vegan for health along with animal rights reasons, we do not resonate with a lot of the cheeses on the market. Most vegan cheeses are highly processed with grey-area ingredients. We absolutely love Vegan Stokes Cheese because the product is extremely clean, we feel energized after eating it, and the flavors are phenomenal. If everyone tried this cheese, the dairy industry would be put out of business.
— Carly Bergman & Brenden Fitzgerald, The Sustainable Duo

Vegan Stokes Cheeses will blow your mind! ⠀⠀⠀⠀
We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to sample the entire delicious collection at The Sustainable Block Party + Pop-Up Market at Organic Garage in Toronto earlier this month. It was hands down some of the most incredible tasting cheese (vegan or not) that I’ve ever had in my life and an amazing example of the positive impact that can be made when we challenge our basic assumptions and choose to innovate. They are a testament to passionate, hard work, an inspiration for future changes in the food industry!
— Luke Hallinan - Making veganism simple, accessible & fun @the_vegan_guys
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I have discovered the best vegan cheese I’ve ever tasted. Vegan Stokes “cheese” is so unbelievably creamy and flavourful, words simply don’t do it justice. They have a huge variety of flavours, from Sharp Cheddar to Smoked Gouda, and I swear they’re all delicious. I love supporting smaller vegan brands that do amazing things to spread the word, not to mention the family behind the amazing cheese seemed really great. I have to force myself not to eat this cheese by the spoonful.
— Lauren McNeill, Registered Dietician & Masters of Public Health in Nutrition candidate @tastingtothrive_rd

My husband and I love cooking and enjoy spending a great deal of time in our kitchen. As we make our own home-made cheeses, it is difficult to surprise us with store-bought ones, but Stokes fine cheese crafters not only surprised us, they got us addicted to their perfect taste, texture, shape and divine smell of the real cheese – vegan cheese, healthy, cruelty free and oh-so-irresistible. Perfect on its own, perfect paired with wine for dessert, perfect on bread for breakfast, perfect on cracker, perfect on pita bites for a snack, Stokes cheeses are so rich, diverse and unique, they are works of art in edible form. Next time you hear from anyone they can’t go vegan because they “will miss cheese”, tell them there is no need to miss anything – the best cheese in the world is waiting for them to discover and it is named Stokes.
— Eva & Greg McGeans
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With health and wellness being the foundation for our food choices, we were over the moon when we came across Vegan Stokes artisanal cheeses! The ingredients are so clean and the products made with such love, you can taste it! Our absolute favourite is the Fine Herb & Garlic, but rest assured that the beautiful family behind this amazing company has taken the time to create a flavour to tickle any cheese lover’s fancy!
— Kamila Zasanda, Holistic Life Coach

One of my favourite cheese brands! Delicious, healthy ingredients, and made ethically & locally with love! I love the Fine Herb & Garlic spread but you really can’t go wrong with anything you try. The dairy consumers in my life are way more open to vegan options after tasting how delicious vegan cheese can be! Thank you Stokes fam!
— Carly Taylor, Vegan Activists & Environmentalists

As a person living in an age of Youtube and Netflix, it is hard to avoid the inescapable reality of the horrors of the meat and dairy industries. So often I found myself saying, “I should be living a vegan lifestyle!”, but how could I ever survive without my favourite indulgence: cheese? When I used to think of vegan cheese (and I’ll be honest), “delicious”, “flavourful” and “addictive” are certainly adjectives I would never have use to describe my options... that is, until Vegan Stokes Cheese. Ever since tasting that first slice of Sharp Cheddar, a whole new world of dairy alternative possibilities has opened up to me. I have tried every flavour that Vegan Stokes Cheese has to offer — each cheese has an insanely bold flavour that doesn’t make me miss dairy cheese, and has even won over my most skeptical of friends. This product has inspired me to finally live that vegan lifestyle I have been dreaming of living without sacrificing any pleasure. TRY THIS CHEESE you will not be disappointed!
— Jacob MacInnis, Actor - Artist

Vegan Stokes Cheese is the absolute best cheese I have ever tasted. I have tried almost every cheese Vegan Stokes sells and cannot even choose a favorite because they are all so delectable. I have so many vegan friends stating they really miss cheese since they became vegan but after trying Vegan Stokes Cheese they say they have nothing to miss now. Amazing, delicious and irresistible!! 💜
— Andrea Burgess